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As senior members will know, I have a dislike for computers and modern day internetary. But it has come to our attention that our good name will be mentioned this coming weekend at a cat convention in Surrey, United Kingdom.

We have been advised that London Cats have a show at Sandown Park Race Course (Lower sector UK) between the 10-12 January and furthermore there will be two talks about us. This has not been sanctioned by the Grand Council so please treat what is said with some suspicion.

The gentleman giving the talk is the same one who has written about us, we will keep a close eye on events as well as looking for any watcher activity.

We advise our members when in the public domain to keep vigilant at all times and to report back to us of any suspicious eye-wear and furthermore if said individual also has a saliva problem.

If any of our members are attending this show please report back to your local regional areas of any findings and this will be passed to me for further investigation.

Also for our gifted members, please do not talk directly to cats in view of members of the public.

Thank you

Nubia - Curator

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