The Worldwide Association Of Kat Chambers


We are a worldwide body of like minded people with our common goal upon security and the love of cats.

The United Kingdom (An Incorporated Member) is the first Kat Chamber to take the initiative to offer some simplified information on the worldwide web following an incident overhead in the skies of North Wales.


The UK Kat Chamber is broken into 4 sectors with Ireland having its own entire sector. One of our colleagues who regularly appears in a road known to many as 'Downing Street' has advised us of something called 'Brexit', we are unsure what this is and will look into it if necessary. We have been further advised this will have no impact upon the Kat Chamber and our relationship with the Irish sector and other Incorporated Members in Europe.


We may post further information if necessary but generally we live in harmonious peace. 

Please do not be concerned about the Welsh incident. 

Thank you for visiting our site, please do not try to show up at our gatherings or other meetings unless membership is offered to you.

Thank you.