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The Worldwide Association Of Kat Chambers
UK & Ireland Chapters

united kingdom kat chamber membership cat club

We are a private worldwide body of like minded people, with our common goal focused upon security and the love of cats.

The United Kingdom and Ireland Chapters, (Both Incorporated Members) are the first Kat Chambers to take the initiative to offer some simplified information on the worldwide web. This decision was made following the release of the Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady book.

The UK Kat Chamber is divided into 4 sectors with Ireland having its own entire sector. 


We may post further information if necessary but generally we (try to) live in harmonious peace. 

If you would like to read the book, or view United Kingdom Kat Chamber merchandise please view the shop by clicking here

Thank you for visiting our site. 

You never know, membership may be offered to you in the future, if so, we'll knock at your door.

united kingdom kat chamber membership body
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