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New Member Notice - Watcher Spotting

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I've been the Curator of the Kat Chamber for a very long time and the world outside of our great institution I still find as confusing as ever.

We have been blown around a little this week with what outsiders called storm 'Ciara' and storm 'Dennis'. Totally Absurd names for a weather event; why are they never practical like storm 'Where's My Shed At'?? It would make more sense to me. Anyway, I hope that you are all safe and I understand that many areas of the country are suffering with flooding at the moment.

Cleric number 19 has been reading about something called Global Warming and she has further suggested that it may have something to do with what cows eat. In our farming area at UK Headquarters I ordered her to spend some time with our cows. She has concluded that the smell (at times) was not too pleasant but the general vicinity did not increase in temperature. So in the meantime we have concluded not to pursue this line of enquiry as well as not standing next to our cows for long periods of time.

However; within these periods of unsettled weather it is a perfect time for our new members to spot watchers. Watchers cannot bare direct sunlight and even when overcast during daylight hours they wear their glasses. I've been told that members of the public do not wear sunglasses this time of year unless they are a celebrity, have an eye condition or are trying to be 'cool'. The weather is cool enough so I do not understand the nature of this term.

We do not have official photographs on record of watcher glasses; the image with this post

is for reference only. If you see anyone wearing one of these, please do not panic as it will need to be investigated.

There is some sort of fashion called 'Steampunk' and there has already been a couple of incidents when members have confronted them. Please be advised walking up to a member of the Steampunk community and saying to them 'that you know they are a watcher' has already caused some complications. Please refrain from doing this and let us investigate and handle it.

Keep your cats safe in the winds and rain.


Nubia - Curator

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