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Elders Findings From The Cat Show

I've been asked by our curator to write a message regarding our name being mentioned at a recent cat show in Surrey (lower sector UK).

We can report that two of our Elders were in attendance keeping an eye on the author of the 'cat lady' book. He spoke to one group of around 40 non Kat Chamber affiliated members and incredibly received a round of applause, we are pleased to report further that his speech was dull and not informative.

Our Elders did report of the amount of non-members talking to cats and trying to engage in conversation with them. To our knowledge no cats responded and we are at a loss as to why non gifted members of the public try to do this.

There were no suspicious activities reported regarding watchers but we urge our members (following the Welsh incident) to remain vigilant at all times.

We are currently investigating a possible sighting just outside of Fort Collins in Colorado, United States and will report back further.

Lastly there have been some very strange developments in the world of 'fashion'. We would ask our members to not confuse Steampunk headwear and glasses with the peculiar glasses that watchers wear.

For now I remain yours.

Cleric Number 13

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