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Incorporated Member of The Worldwide Association of Kat Chambers


You May Have Heard Of Us, But Probably Not

For hundreds of years we have lived in relative harmonious peace within our exclusive cat club.

It is only very recently that it has come to light that we have become the subject of a new book.

In any event we refute all of the comments that have been written and where possible we are removing said book from retail outlets.

However; Members of our Grand Council have suggested, as our name in now in the public domain, that we need to have some form of online presence to address any concerns. 

We respectfully ask that you do not contact us for membership as we are currently not recruiting, our membership is full. If such a position becomes available we will find you.

Our Clerics post in the blog area and they are monitored by our Curator. Our members do not post directly in the blog area, as most, and especially our lowere tiered members do not have access to computers.

We are a private organisation and do our best to avoid the mainstream press. To our knowledge there is only one book in the public domain where we are mentioned. This book was not sanctioned by the Grand Council.
We have obtained some copies of this book and monies raised from their sale goes towards our cause. 
However; If members of the public spot individuals wearing peculiar glasses and are concerned we can be contacted by means of the link below.
Please do not contact the Police or any Government Departments if you think you may have spotted a Watcher, our security arm will look into it.


Our Work

We are a dedicated independent organisation that operates throughout the globe keeping the world a much safer place.


We also like cats.

We are touched that strangers to us like to wear items that we have for sale made by our hard working Clerics, we thank you for your support and this helps us continue our good work and maintaining our chapters and headquarters the world over.

Thank you!

As much as we dislike the book, we also like trees and the story book we feature in is printed responsibly in Scotland.


Remember that time is irretrievable always keep an eye on your clocks!

Serpents Are Not Our Friends, Please Keep Your Cats Away From Them!

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