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Incorporated Member of The Worldwide Association of Kat Chambers

kat chamber united kingdom

If you have the right may well hear from us!

For hundreds of years we have lived in relative harmonious peace within our exclusive cat club.

The Kat Chamber is not something that you can apply to join; if you are of good stock, we will already be aware of you.

It has recently come to light that we are the subject of a new book.

If you do read the book called 'Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady' you will learn more about us. How the author gained such insights we are still investigating. 

However; Members of our Grand Council have suggested; as our name in now in the public domain, that we need to have some form of online presence to address any concerns and that we should endorse this book. 

We would like to state that we do not care for the term 'Crazy Cat Lady', as we are far from it. Although a few of our members have recently said that they enjoyed the name and they "owned it!" We are investigating this as well.

mildred the crazy cat lady book

mildred the crazy cat lady book young adult fiction k s horak

to read more about the book please click this button

We have a full range of merchandise from t-shirts, to picture frames and from keyrings to coasters.

Please click on the image below to be taken to the shop!

mildred the crazy cat lady shop
kat chamber clothing cat t shirt

Our Work

We are a dedicated independent organisation and we have members throughout the globe.

We do our best in keeping the world a much safer place.


We also like cats.

We are touched that people support us by buying items from the shop. These are made by our hard working Clerics, we thank you for your support and this helps us continue our good work and maintaining our chapters and headquarters the world over.

Thank you!

We respectfully ask that you do not contact us for membership as we are currently not recruiting, our membership is full. If such a position becomes available we will find you.

Our Clerics post in the blog, they are overseen by our Curator. Our members do not post in the blog area, as most, and especially our lower tiered members do not have access to computers.

Please keep a lookout for Watchers!

Remember that time is irretrievable always keep an eye on your clocks!

tempus fugit mildred the crazy cat lady


kat chamber blog united kingdom

Serpents Are Not Our Friends, Please Keep Your Cats Away From Them!

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